Download PES 2013 Patch Indonesia


 Standalone Patch
 Include DLC 2.0
 Remove Blur
 Correct Kits EPL, Liga Zon Sagres, and All National Team
 Europe Leagues Mode: EPL, Ligue 1, Serie A, Eredivisie, La Liga BBVA, Liga Zon Sagres, Bundesliga, Npower Championship, J-League, Other Europe teams, and Other Asia teams.
 Asia Leagues Mode: J-League 2012, A-League 2012, K-League 2012, TPL 2012, ISL 2012, MSL 2012, IPL 2012, CSL 2012, EPL, Other Asia teams, Other Europe teams, and add AFF Cup National Team.
 GDB: Scoreboards, Faces, Kits, and Balls.
 Gameplay tool 1.0.4
 Etc.

 Uninstall previous version (clik UninstalPPID.exe) or Remove ' PesPatchID' folder inside PES 2013 install directory
 Install PesPatchID 2013 1.0 AIO, Update 1.0.1 and Update 1.0.2
 Start the game via Launcher (PesPatchID 2013.exe) in your desktop

 Not recommended to play football life in Latin America Mode.
 It is recommended to use English.
 Restart a new career ML or BAL.
 If you want to add your edited file or downloaded, please submit the file to the root PesPatchID-addon.

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